Come chiamare questa funzione con metodo di riflessione, i parametri sono delegati e farmaci generici

// this is code
    public class Foo1Parent
    public delegate void CallBack<T>(T arg1);
    public delegate void CallBack(); 
    public class Foo
    public void openWindow<T>(CallBack<T> onWindowAwake) where T : Foo1Parent
//I use reflection to call methods openWindow
public void openCWindow(CallBack onback, string dialogName)
    Type t = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetType(dialogName);
    MethodInfo meth1 = this.GetType().GetMethod(openWindow);
    object[] obj = new object[] { null }
    meth.Invoke(this, obj );

//this is my code

//this object[] How do you write it? or has other methods?
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